Women – Look Professional, Be Professional

By on August 29, 2018

In my DiVA PRO – Workshop for Women Professionals, I often get asked by Women professionals that there is huge differentiation apparent between Men and Women in Corporate in terms of authority, work allotted or even pay for that matter, inspite of being equally good at work.

That is when I give them a case and ask them for their opinion.

There are 2 financial advisors who have come to you to convince you to buy investment plans. One of them is neatly and formally dressed and talks with confidence while the other one is in Jeans & T-Shirt.

Who would you trust for your investments?

All in unison vote for the first person.

Before even the second person has got a chance to speak, we would have made the decision of not buying from him with the perception of ‘How can he take care of our investment if he cannot take care of himself?’

Similarly, when in Corporate, especially for women, it is very important to look and feel professional. Your personality, Values, Authority, Trustworthiness, Intelligence are judged by the way you carry yourself. And, YOU yourself are responsible to make that image for you.

Everybody wants to become successful but to be successful, you need to get that opportunity to prove your work. And if you do not get the opportunity, how will you be successful? This opportunity can be seized if you focus on the way you dress yourself, Your Body Language, and the overall way you presentation yourself. You have to invest in yourself first for others to see the potential in YOU.

I will be covering few essentials of Corporate look in my articles.

Also, I am conducting DiVA PRO workshop for Women Professionals soon. You can mail on asmita.aic@gmail.com to know more and to register for workshop.

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