Is Fashion Harming You??

By on August 2, 2018

In my last #NoVA: The Personality Workshop for Teens, I got to interact with some amazing teenagers who were on the onset of stepping into a new phase of their life – college. Excited as they were, there was whole lot of nervousness which they agreed. College life meant independence, creating own identity but that also meant meeting new people and especially of opposite gender.

Usually as teenagers, we have all made the mistake of following fashion blindly which has gone all wrong and as I always say, image is created within the first few seconds of the interaction, so it is important to carry yourselves in the right manner.

This is the right time to understand your personal style and dress accordingly. Also, avoiding few things in styling can avoid long term damage to your body.┬áThis can be true for anyone – right from teenager to person in 60s.

  1. Understand your Body Shape and wear clothes accordingly.
  2. Do not wear too tight pants (Skinny jeans, narrow fit jeans) as this may cause poor blood circulation and dilated veins causing varicose veins, it also hampers digestion process causing constipation, gases, it also blocks natural air flow which cause vaginal infection and skin rashes, etc.
  3. Wearing heels shows confidence but if worn for prolonged time can lead to Joint Pain, Ankle Sprains, Back Pain, Osteoarthritis and even Nerve Damage.
  4. 20% of Ear piercing causes bacterial infection. (Do not have too many piercings)
  5. Flip-Flops are comfortable but they can cause scraps which can be easily infected, also leading to crack heels.
  6. Extra-large handbags (Tote Bags) on One Shoulder can cause Muscle Pain and spondylosis.

These are the few things which can be avoided or used in moderation.

Fashion will come and go but not every Fashion or Trend has to be followed. There is no wiseness in blindly following fashion and damaging your body.

You can infact create your own style by using fashion wisely. Choice is yours.

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