Do’s & Don’ts – Professional Wear for Women

By on September 7, 2018

In my earlier article, I mentioned the importance of looking professional for Women. 

Looking professional is an important step as this portrays your personality, displays authority, credibility and seriousness towards work.
Here are some of the do’s & don’ts in professional wear for Women.

  • Wear Dark colours (Black, grey, forest green)
  • Wear Cotton Pants, Straight Pants
  • Wear Collared Kurtas for Indian Formals
  • Wear Indian formals of fabrics like, Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Silk
  • Wear Closed toe heel shoes, Pumps, Wedges
  • Jewellry should be simple & classy
  • Wear Floral Prints
  • Borders (Gold / Silver) on Indian formals
  • Wear Chiffon, Georgette
  • Wear Slippers
  • Wear body hugging dress.
  • Wear dangling earrings along with neck piece.
These are just few of the many and I am sure it will be helpful in determining your professional look.
I will be happy to cover more on this topic. Do write in with your questions on or leave comment below.

Women – Look Professional, Be Professional

By on August 29, 2018

In my DiVA PRO – Workshop for Women Professionals, I often get asked by Women professionals that there is huge differentiation apparent between Men and Women in Corporate in terms of authority, work allotted or even pay for that matter, inspite of being equally good at work.

That is when I give them a case and ask them for their opinion.

There are 2 financial advisors who have come to you to convince you to buy investment plans. One of them is neatly and formally dressed and talks with confidence while the other one is in Jeans & T-Shirt.

Who would you trust for your investments?

All in unison vote for the first person.

Before even the second person has got a chance to speak, we would have made the decision of not buying from him with the perception of ‘How can he take care of our investment if he cannot take care of himself?’

Similarly, when in Corporate, especially for women, it is very important to look and feel professional. Your personality, Values, Authority, Trustworthiness, Intelligence are judged by the way you carry yourself. And, YOU yourself are responsible to make that image for you.

Everybody wants to become successful but to be successful, you need to get that opportunity to prove your work. And if you do not get the opportunity, how will you be successful? This opportunity can be seized if you focus on the way you dress yourself, Your Body Language, and the overall way you presentation yourself. You have to invest in yourself first for others to see the potential in YOU.

I will be covering few essentials of Corporate look in my articles.

Also, I am conducting DiVA PRO workshop for Women Professionals soon. You can mail on to know more and to register for workshop.

Is Fashion Harming You??

By on August 2, 2018

In my last #NoVA: The Personality Workshop for Teens, I got to interact with some amazing teenagers who were on the onset of stepping into a new phase of their life – college. Excited as they were, there was whole lot of nervousness which they agreed. College life meant independence, creating own identity but that also meant meeting new people and especially of opposite gender.

Usually as teenagers, we have all made the mistake of following fashion blindly which has gone all wrong and as I always say, image is created within the first few seconds of the interaction, so it is important to carry yourselves in the right manner.

This is the right time to understand your personal style and dress accordingly. Also, avoiding few things in styling can avoid long term damage to your body. This can be true for anyone – right from teenager to person in 60s.

  1. Understand your Body Shape and wear clothes accordingly.
  2. Do not wear too tight pants (Skinny jeans, narrow fit jeans) as this may cause poor blood circulation and dilated veins causing varicose veins, it also hampers digestion process causing constipation, gases, it also blocks natural air flow which cause vaginal infection and skin rashes, etc.
  3. Wearing heels shows confidence but if worn for prolonged time can lead to Joint Pain, Ankle Sprains, Back Pain, Osteoarthritis and even Nerve Damage.
  4. 20% of Ear piercing causes bacterial infection. (Do not have too many piercings)
  5. Flip-Flops are comfortable but they can cause scraps which can be easily infected, also leading to crack heels.
  6. Extra-large handbags (Tote Bags) on One Shoulder can cause Muscle Pain and spondylosis.

These are the few things which can be avoided or used in moderation.

Fashion will come and go but not every Fashion or Trend has to be followed. There is no wiseness in blindly following fashion and damaging your body.

You can infact create your own style by using fashion wisely. Choice is yours.

To know more about personal styling, creating your personal brand and a powerful image, call us on 9930748258.

Image Change of Mumbai Police

By on July 18, 2018

Inside a Mumbai police station, everyone is a character, and the city a story. – Indian Express

When I read this recent article, it sure made me think of the efforts put by Mumbai Police and how easily we civilians tend to write them off based on their appearance and looks.

Appearance plays a pivotal role in forming image of a person – positive or negative. Much has been written and said about corporate image but not much importance is given to the people who are vigilant 24 x 7 for our safety i.e. Mumbai Police. Being a Mumbaikar, I can vouch for our Mumbai Police, who works for our city. I can confidently say this by their responsiveness on Twitter when any compliant is put up. This speaks volume of their service. It is time for Mumbai Police to bring change in their appearance which will change their image in front of civilians.

As New Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Mr. Subodh Jaiswal takes over, he is in favour of improving the image of police department.

In his interview, he emphasizes few dos and donts for Police officers which are a small step towards change.

Uniform should be clean and neatly ironed.
Shoes should be clean and polished.
Cap should be in good shape.

No red Tikka on the forehead.
No Religious threads on wrist and in neck.
No torn uniform.

Below things has to be appropriate in any situation
Name Plate on uniform
Hair Style

These things are very basic but very important to create positive image in the minds of public.

Cluster your Wardrobe…

By on July 13, 2018

In my previous article, I had written about the struggle women face when choosing clothes and clustering of clothes would be the best possible solution.

As per Dictionary, Cluster is to form or gather together. Similarly, in Image Consulting, Cluster is to form or gather together group of co-ordinated clothes and accessories which creates different looks and individuality to the person.

Clustering would help you

  • To break the wardrobe into smaller manageable groups.
  • Flexibility to buy and replace clothes on a piece basis.
  • Get maximum wear out of older clothes.
  • Saves shopping time.
  • Guarantees mix-and-match.
  • Reduce useless impulse purchases.
  • More Consistent Personal Style.
  • Simplifies your life.

Just imagine with a little planning and innovation, you are able to create 25 looks with just 5 clothing pieces and most importantly, your wardrobe can be manageable and with it your life.

Exciting, Isn’t it? Wait. No need to go shopping yet. You can first evaluate what you currently have in your wardrobe and how they can be used to the optimum. Basis that, you can create a shopping list.

If you need to know more on clustering or need help with your wardrobe, please write to and we will get back to you with your queries.

We also conduct sessions which shows different styles and looks.

Can Less be More? Try Clustering..

By on July 13, 2018

It was just the other day that my dear friend enlightened me that profit margins in apparel industry ranges from 6 – 13% as per industry analysts. It sure raised an eyebrow for me but was not totally shaken by this fact.

Being in Image consulting for 4 years now, have come across many clients who are at influential positions but still go through the struggle of not knowing what to wear for different occasion. They like everyone, go on shopping spree and purchase everything possible without being aware that the same garment can be worn multiple times with various looks.

Usually, Women, (i am referring specifically to women here) purchase one whole outfit and once worn in a week do not like to repeat it again that week or the subsequent week. So, they purchase different outfits and help the apparel industry to prosper. 🙂

It is not that I am against the apparel industry. In fact, I want to promote ‘Less is More’ and would encourage People to buy good & branded clothes which can be worn for longer duration and at the same time can be styled in various ways. Clothes can be clustered in various groups and be worn according to need of the day.

‘Clustering’ helps in avoiding last minute rush and everyday hassle of ‘don’t have anything to wear’. We can start the day with positive and relaxed way. It just needs a little bit of planning and foresight which anyone can master over a period of time.

I will be covering more on clustering in my next article.

If you need to know more on clustering or need help with your wardrobe, please write to and we will get back to you with your queries. We also conduct sessions which shows different styles and looks. 

Why I started conducting workshop on Lingerie?

By on June 11, 2018

In my Styling workshops, there always used to be 1 or 2 participants who would come up with question regarding inner wear. Whilst these questions were beneficial for all, other participants used to get uncomfortable.

Those questions made me ponder,

“Isn’t discussing inner wear openly still a ‘taboo’? Isn’t wearing right type of inner wear important to your health? Isn’t inner wear, a part of your overall personality? Why aren’t there workshops on this topic?

Grown Up kids, Women have little to no knowledge about the right kind of innerwear and there is no right source to get this information. People run to their “Google baba” for all questions but sadly, Google does not understand right and wrong in the answers that it displays. That is when, I decided to come up with a workshop exclusively for Women on Lingerie.

In my research for the workshop, I realised that 80% of the women wear wrongly fitted inner wear, which causes Back Pain, Shoulder pain, Spondylitis and increases changes of Breast Cancer.

These gave me more than one reason to come up with a Lingerie Workshop for Women – INTiMA

This Workshop gives useful information on the right inner wear, different types and trends, quick fix tips, common myths & solutions, information on shape wear, etc.

In the coming weeks, I will cover few important topics from the session to create awareness and help their near and dear ones. Also, I am planning to conduct series of these workshops in this month starting Saturday.

If anyone interested, can get in touch with me on

Shapewear daily is never a good idea

By on June 11, 2018

Whilst there are advertisements on benefits of wearing shapewear which may include flattening the stomach, reduce the size of thighs, hide bulges, push breasts up, and result in a slimmer, shapelier figure.

All these are so good to hear and imagine yourself as the next superstar with a perfect body but it all comes with its side effects.

Wearing Shapewear daily is never a good idea and below are some of the reasons

Affects digestion
Contracts the stomach which may also cause acid reflux, followed by a heartburn
Compresses your bowel
Puts pressure on your bladder

Do not get so disheartened and do not stop wearing shapewear completely.

Knowing what and when to wear is the key.

Here are 5 Tips that can be followed.

– Don’t wear something that will totally change your shape
– Choose what spots to target – thighs, butt, stomach or multiple areas
– Shapewear should never be too tight
– Consider different Types of Shapewear and for what purpose do your want?
– Type of material, Proper Size, etc..

Hope, this was helpful and you will be able to apply this practically.

To be a part of our Workshop INTiMA – exclusive Lingerie Workshop for Women, write to me on where we give detailed information.

Importance of Sports Innerwear

By on June 11, 2018

It was just the other day when my friend was discussing the intense functional training that she started and was very excitedly narrating the varied exercises and how she has already managed to lose 2kgs.

As usual, the curious me inquired her, “Hope you are wearing the right Sports BRA for the workout” for which she gave me a blank look for my question.

By Her Look, I understood that she is either not aware or has not taken it seriously to use Sports Bra for workouts.

I went on to explain her the different types of BRA available and their uses and why it is important to wear the right BRA / Innerwear of right fit for the right occasion. Especially, when you are in some kind of physical activity, it becomes all the more important as wearing the wrong BRA would mean serious damage to the breast muscles.

Many of us are keen to wear branded sportswear, click pictures of working out and post it on Instagram.  I am not saying this to discourage anyone from buying branded sportswear or post pictures. But, at the same time, to take care to buy good innerwear when you are involved in some kind of Physical activity like running, jogging, weight training, Functional Training, or even walking for that matter.

Not only that, maintaining hygiene after workouts also becomes equally important. It is very crucial to have wash or bath immediately after workouts as the sweat glands have opened and can be breeding place for bacteria.

So, in our session INTiMA – exclusive Lingerie workshop for Women, we cover all this and much more because I truly believe, if Women start taking care of themselves, life will be so much better.


Stand out!

By on April 29, 2018

We all remember our time in college when we used to spend time with friends and have a good time. The transition for many is difficult.  In my recent training session in college, one of the students asked why he cannot continue wearing his casual attire i.e. jeans to work because that is his personality.

That is when I had to tell him real life story of a finance professional Jai. He had his own venture of selling financial products to customers. Jai loved wearing jeans and hated the idea of formal dressing. I was introduced to him through a common friend who wanted to change the perception of Jai with regards to his dressing style.

It is difficult to change any person and specially someone who has lived in a particular way for years. I knew, I had to bring the transformation inside out and not makeover which will last for a day. I suggested Jai to start experimenting wearing cotton trousers instead of jeans. Secondly to try cotton shirts tucked in which are equally comfortable as T-shirts.

Jai started receiving compliments with just this small change in his attire. He became more open to try and experiment different looks to display the professional in him. People started taking his views more seriously and looking up to him for advice. He was considered as knowledgeable and expert in his field. This, of course, started to generate him more business.

It is very important to take the first step towards change to change your life for the better.

Asmita Neve-Pawar is a Certified Trainer in Image Management and Soft Skills from ICBI. Due to her keen interest in human behaviour, she has also done her NLP certification. She has transformed hundreds of individuals through personal and group consultations.