Importance of Sports Innerwear

By on June 11, 2018

It was just the other day when my friend was discussing the intense functional training that she started and was very excitedly narrating the varied exercises and how she has already managed to lose 2kgs.

As usual, the curious me inquired her, “Hope you are wearing the right Sports BRA for the workout” for which she gave me a blank look for my question.

By Her Look, I understood that she is either not aware or has not taken it seriously to use Sports Bra for workouts.

I went on to explain her the different types of BRA available and their uses and why it is important to wear the right BRA / Innerwear of right fit for the right occasion. Especially, when you are in some kind of physical activity, it becomes all the more important as wearing the wrong BRA would mean serious damage to the breast muscles.

Many of us are keen to wear branded sportswear, click pictures of working out and post it on Instagram.  I am not saying this to discourage anyone from buying branded sportswear or post pictures. But, at the same time, to take care to buy good innerwear when you are involved in some kind of Physical activity like running, jogging, weight training, Functional Training, or even walking for that matter.

Not only that, maintaining hygiene after workouts also becomes equally important. It is very crucial to have wash or bath immediately after workouts as the sweat glands have opened and can be breeding place for bacteria.

So, in our session INTiMA – exclusive Lingerie workshop for Women, we cover all this and much more because I truly believe, if Women start taking care of themselves, life will be so much better.


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