Is Fashion Harming You??

In my last #NoVA: The Personality Workshop for Teens, I got to interact with some amazing teenagers who were on the onset of stepping into a new phase of their life – college. Excited as they were, there was whole lot of nervousness which they agreed. College life meant independence, creating own identity but that

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Image Change of Mumbai Police

Inside a Mumbai police station, everyone is a character, and the city a story. – Indian Express ( When I read this recent article, it sure made me think of the efforts put by Mumbai Police and how easily we civilians tend to write them off based on their appearance and looks. Appearance plays a

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Cluster your Wardrobe…

In my previous article, I had written about the struggle women face when choosing clothes and clustering of clothes would be the best possible solution. As per Dictionary, Cluster is to form or gather together. Similarly, in Image Consulting, Cluster is to form or gather together group of co-ordinated clothes and accessories which creates different looks and

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Importance of Sports Innerwear

It was just the other day when my friend was discussing the intense functional training that she started and was very excitedly narrating the varied exercises and how she has already managed to lose 2kgs. As usual, the curious me inquired her, “Hope you are wearing the right Sports BRA for the workout” for which

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Stand out!

We all remember our time in college when we used to spend time with friends and have a good time. The transition for many is difficult.  In my recent training session in college, one of the students asked why he cannot continue wearing his casual attire i.e. jeans to work because that is his personality. That is

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Being Professional!

When I first started out as an Image Consultant, it was difficult to convince people of my talent to develop and transform people. They had this perception that how a young person can teach us how to be well groomed and be polished. Well, but at least they gave me an opportunity to speak and

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