Make-Up Your Presence

I have always said that individual consulting gives me great joy and am saying it again.

In this particular Individual Consulting, this lady is business owner and creates customized Notepads, Diaries, Name tags, Envelopes, Bags, and many more. She believes in creating memories and helps people in doing that.

When I first met her, was very intrigued by the belief and the thought that she is operating her business. But something was lacking – her CONFIDENCE in her abilities.

When you are business Owner, YOU become its Brand Ambassador and that is what I made her realize. Once the realization set in, projecting that confidence externally also becomes equally important and Makeup plays an integral part in it.

Though not 100% but Makeup brings a change in you. It helps in highlighting the best in you and makes you look confident. That is what my client understood and used the basic makeup products for the right look. Along with the right Makeup came right dressing as per Body shape, Age and height.

Small changes go a long way and not only I but her family and friends too saw the difference in the way she conducted herself in the recently concluded Exhibition.
One more name added in the list of “People who I could impact”

If you too want to see difference in your or your loved ones life, please reach out to [email protected]