Women – Carve Your Identity

When I interact with Women in their late 40’s or early 50’s, I sense a feeling of void that has been created as their children are on their own or have moved out for education and husband is busy with his career. These women are the same women who were part of the workforce years back and have given up their career to take care of their family responsibilities. They have been champions in fulfilling their duties as wife / mother but the lack of their own identity is visible in their eyes.

It is sad that till date, Women are still considered primary caregivers of household and kids with little or no help from their better half. Family responsibilities are of utmost importance but isn’t it the responsibility of both partners.

Having something that you can call your own, be it small business as product seller, service provider, social work, hobby classes or even a part-time job can give you the fulfillment that your skills and education is put to use and every woman deserves it. These days, there are many organisations like Google, Facebook, even women communities who are supporting women led businesses and helping them in whatever way possible.

Important thing is Women should use their potential and carve an identity for themselves.

If you know someone or you yourself would want to experience change in any area of your life, I would be happy to help you and assist you in your journey. You can connect with me at [email protected] to know more.