Look smart this Valentine’s day!

”There is just one happiness in life,to love and be loved.”

Let’s be honest, Valentines’ day brings up great memories for all of usWe all have spent countless days and nights to get that perfect look and it’s of paramount importance for those celebrating to be well groomed for the d-day.

Personal grooming can never be taken for granted as it’s an extension of who you are. As a famous saying goes” You are your habits”.  It isn’t a herculean task to be well groomed. All you need is some time for yourself and some simple do’s and don’ts to guide you through.


  • It is better to avoid getting a facial or a new beauty treatment done just before Valentine’s Day or any other important day to steer clear of any adverse reactions to your skin. Don’t we all want to evade those pesky pimples and rashes!
  • Get a manicure and pedicure regularly for well groomed hands and feet.
  • Makeup helps accentuate our natural beauty. While makeup is an important tool to look good, one should always know one rule doesn’t fit all. Women tend to go overboard with makeup just to fit in to the Valentine’s day craze. For eg: Just because it’s Valentine’s Day our outfits or makeup don’t have to be necessarily red or pink.
  • The golden rule is to either go bold with your eye makeup or lips. If going with bold eyes then opt for brown/pink toned nudes or a muted gold lips.
    • Use right amount of highlighter to get that warm loved up glow on your face.
    • One should keep it in mind that no matter what which makeup look you choose to wear it should resonate with you as a person.
  • Accessories are important add-ons to your whole look and hence should be chosen wisely. A wrong accessory can turn the entire look to a disaster while the right one can take the look to a whole new dimension. Some of the key points to be considered while accessorizing:
  • Either wear a chunky neckpiece or a statement earring. DON’T wear both as this will give a cluttered look.
  • Your shoes and handbags don’t have to match either in colour or aesthetics, if you plan to wear dark coloured shoes then handbags can be a little understated.    
  • Either wear bright clothes or eye grabbing accessories, doing both will only add unnecessary drama and unwanted attention to your look.     


  • Slouching and playing with the hair is to be avoided as you would want to give a confident vibe.
  • Maintaining eye contact is important as inability to do so can signal disinterest.
  • Avoid unnecessary hand gesticulation.
  • It is important to smell good. Choose a fragrance of your liking but keep it warm and subtle.  Overdoing the fragrance just kills its purpose.


  • When it comes to gifting there are no fixed rules. It is a common perception that women should be recipients of gifts and not the ones giving them. Let us aim to change that, surprise your significant other/loved one by gifting them something personal and innovative. It could be as extravagant as cuff-links to as simple as a personal handmade card. But always keep in mind what interests your loved one.


Wear clothes according to your body type and personality and don’t follow fashion trends blindly. Wear what you are most comfortable with you will be just fine.

  • SKIRTS: Skirts go well with shirts, tops and even tank tops.
  • DRESSES: You can opt for long or short dresses depending on your comfort level. The colour of the outfit need not be just reds or pinks; you can play with colours like yellow, green, royal blue or maroon. Even black and white makes for a good choice.